Suricata 2.0rc2 Available!

Photo by Eric Leblond

The OISF development team is proud to announce Suricata 2.0rc2, the second release candidate for Suricata 2.0.

Notable changes

  • eve-log is now enabled by default
  • SSH parser is re-enabled
  • SSH logging was added to ‘eve-log’
  • bundled libhtp was updated to 0.5.10


Get the new release here:

All closed tickets

  • Feature #952: Add VLAN tag ID to all outputs
  • Feature #953: Add QinQ tag ID to all outputs
  • Feature #1012: Introduce SSH log
  • Feature #1118: app-layer protocols http memcap – info in verbose mode (-v)
  • Feature #1119: restore SSH protocol detection and parser
  • Bug #611: fp: rule with ports matching on portless proto
  • Bug #985: default config generates rule warnings and errors
  • Bug #1021: 1.4.6: conf_filename not checked before use
  • Bug #1089: SMTP: move depends on uninitialised value
  • Bug #1090: FTP: Memory Leak
  • Bug #1091: TLS-Handshake: Uninitialized value
  • Bug #1092: HTTP: Memory Leak
  • Bug #1108: suricata.yaml config parameter – segfault
  • Bug #1109: PF_RING vlan handling
  • Bug #1110: Can have the same Pattern ID (pid) for the same pattern but different case flags
  • Bug #1111: capture stats at exit incorrect
  • Bug #1112: tls-events.rules file missing
  • Bug #1115: nfq: exit stats not working
  • Bug #1120: segv with pfring/afpacket and eve-log enabled
  • Bug #1121: crash in eve-log
  • Bug #1124: ipfw build broken

Special thanks

We’d like to thank the following people and corporations for their contributions and feedback:

  • Ken Steele — Tilera
  • Jason Ish — Endace/Emulex
  • Tom Decanio — nPulse
  • Jack Flemming
  • Mark Ashley
  • Marc-Andre Heroux

Known issues & missing features

This is a “release candidate”-quality release so the stability should be good although unexpected corner cases might happen. If you encounter one, please let us know! As always, we are doing our best to make you aware of continuing development and items within the engine that are not yet complete or optimal.  With this in mind, please notice the list we have included of known items we are working on.

See issues for an up to date list and to report new issues. See Known_issues for a discussion and time line for the major issues.

About Suricata

Suricata is a high performance Network IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine. Open Source and owned by a community run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). Suricata is developed by the OISF, its supporting vendors and the community.