Announcing the Suricata Training Program

The OISF team is proud to announce the start of the Suricata training program. In this program, we’ll be delivering 1 and 2 day user trainings for Suricata.

Some of topics that will be covered over the course of the 2-days include:

  • Compiling, Installing, and Configuring Suricata
  • Performance Factors, Rules and Rulesets
  • Capture Methods and Performance
  • Event / Data Outputs and Capture Hardware
  • Troubleshooting Common Problems
  • Advanced Tuning
  • Integration with Other Tools

This dynamic, hands-on, 2 day Suricata training will be delivered by the OISF development and support team. ┬áSo apart of the great content on how to install, use and troubleshoot Suricata, you will also have the great opportunity to talk in-depth about Suricata with it’s creators.

Proceeds of the trainings go straight into supporting Suricata’s development, so not only will you learn a great deal, you’ll actually be supporting Suricata’s development by taking this training.

We’re kicking off with 3 training sessions in Europe in the last quarter of 2014. For early 2015, we’re planning to do a number of US trainings. Keep an eye on this space for updates. Also, dedicated on-site training options are available.

Trainings are tracked on their own page here. For questions or more info, please contact us!