5-Day Suricata Developer Training

A short time ago we announced the first edition of the Suricata Developer training. I thought it be a good time to explain what we have in mind.

First, we’re planning to make this an annual event. I’m very excited about this. It should be great fun to have a week of development related discussions. I’m sure we can all learn a great deal, and share lots of ideas. Of course the social part is a nice addition.

Also, this is a great “stick behind the door” (as we’d say in Dutch) to finally get some much needed dev docs done, including architecture overview diagrams, etc.
What will we be teaching:

  1. General Suricata development basics: everything from git, how to QA, unittests, debugging, etc.
  2. Architecture overview
    1. API’s
    2. threading
    3. packets, flows, detection and output
  3. Extending Suricata — the beef of the training:
    1. packet decoders and detection plugins
    2. app layer protocol detection, parsing, state keeping
    3. app layer detection engine integration
    4. adding logging modules


Each day will start with lectures on each of the topics. You will get an overview of the API, learn about performance aspects, how threading comes into play, etc.

After this there will be assignments/challenges to apply the newly learned skills. This should be very interactive with lots of room for questions and discussions. We’ll be providing various assignments for multiple skill levels.


From OISF we will have lead developer Victor Julien, core developers Eric Leblond and Jason Ish in the room to give the lectures and help answer questions. Also present to assist in general Suricata related questions: Matt Jonkman and Peter Manev.


So who is this for? We target people who what to learn how to extend Suricata. If you want to add protocols, detection options or maybe new output methods, then this is for you. Or maybe you want to be a ‘core’ developer on Suricata. Then this would be an excellent start of getting into it.

– advanced C experience
– Linux Experience
– Network / Security Experience
– Basic Suricata End User Experience
=> for testing your code

If you’re not yet experienced with running Suricata, we would like to suggest attending a user training first. If you book your dev seat first hit us up for discount code on one of the training sessions. We’re planning one in Europe before summer, exact date and location is to be announced.


We’ll be charging for the trainings. The revenue is used to cover the cost of the event itself (travel, hotels, etc). Whats left goes into the foundations general development budget. So by attending the training you will support Suricata’s development.


This first edition is generously hosted by Napatech in Copenhagen, Denmark.
If you want to book, please do so through this Eventbrite link:
Questions and general feedback and thoughts are welcome!

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