Suricata 3.2.1 available!


We’re pleased to announce Suricata 3.2.1. This release features a large number of improvements and fixes over the 3.2 release.
Most importantly it fixes a IPv4 defrag issue that allows evasion of detection and logging. Found and reported by Jérémy Beaume.


  • Feature #1951: Allow building without libmagic/file
  • Feature #1972: SURICATA ICMPv6 unknown type 143 for MLDv2 report
  • Feature #2010: Suricata should confirm SSSE3 presence at runtime when built with Hyperscan support
  • Bug #467: compilation with unittests & debug validation
  • Bug #1780: VLAN tags not forwarded in afpacket inline mode
  • Bug #1827: Mpm AC fails to alloc memory
  • Bug #1843: Mpm Ac: int overflow during init
  • Bug #1887: pcap-log sets snaplen to -1
  • Bug #1946: can’t get response info in some situation
  • Bug #1973: suricata fails to start because of unix socket
  • Bug #1975: hostbits/xbits memory leak
  • Bug #1982: tls: invalid record event triggers on valid traffic
  • Bug #1984: http: protocol detection issue if both sides are malformed
  • Bug #1985: pcap-log: minor memory leaks
  • Bug #1987: log-pcap: pcap files created with invalid snaplen
  • Bug #1988: tls_cert_subject bug
  • Bug #1989: SMTP protocol detection is case sensitive
  • Bug #1991: Suricata cannot parse ports: “![1234, 1235]”
  • Bug #1997: tls-store: bug that cause Suricata to crash
  • Bug #2001: Handling of unsolicited DNS responses.
  • Bug #2003: BUG_ON body sometimes contains side-effectual code
  • Bug #2004: Invalid file hash computation when force-hash is used
  • Bug #2005: Incoherent sizes between request, capture and http length
  • Bug #2007: smb: protocol detection just checks toserver
  • Bug #2008: Suricata 3.2, pcap-log no longer works due to timestamp_pattern PCRE
  • Bug #2009: Suricata is unable to get offloading settings when run under non-root
  • Bug #2012: dns.log does not log unanswered queries
  • Bug #2017: EVE Log Missing Fields
  • Bug #2019: IPv4 defrag evasion issue
  • Bug #2022: dns: out of bound memory read


Special thanks

Jérémy Beaume, Mats Klepsland, Sascha Steinbiss, Alexander Gozman, Peter Sanders, Travis Green, AFL, CoverityScan

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About Suricata

Suricata is a high performance Network Threat Detection, IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine. Open Source and owned by a community run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). Suricata is developed by the OISF, its supporting vendors and the community.