Suricata 4.0.0-beta1 ready for testing!


We are proud to announce that the first release for the upcoming Suricata 4.0.0-beta1 is ready for testing.

This release features our first experimental steps into using the Rust language for creating safer and easier to develop parsers. Inspired by Pierre Chiffliers talk at SuriCon 2016 (pdf). This initial integration does not yet include Pierre’s work, but this will likely change in the near future.
By compiling with –enable-rust you’ll get a basic NFSv3 parser and reimplementation of the DNS parser. Feedback on this is highly appreciated.

A major new feature is support for STARTTLS in SMTP and FTP. TLS sessions will now be logged in these cases. Decoding, logging and matching on TLS sertial numbers was also added. Great work by Mats Klepsland. Also for TLS, session resumption logging is now supported thanks to the work of Ray Ruvinskiy. TLS logging was improved by Paulo Pacheco.

Lots of new HTTP detection options were added to make matching on specific header fields easier and more efficient. New SSH keywords that are fast_pattern capable have also been added. For developers, this release makes extending the detection engine a lot easier.

A major TCP stream engine update is included. This should lead to better performance and less configuration, especially in IPS mode.

EVE is extended in several ways: in the case of encapsulated traffic both the inner and outer ip addresses and ports are logged. The ‘vars’ facility logs flowbits and other vars. This can also be used to extract data from the traffic using PCRE, and then log it. EVE can also be rotated based on time.

David Wharton has created a section in the documentation for rule writers who have a background in Snort. It documents changes that are relevant for writing rules.

Paulo Pacheco has been improving the Redis output performance.

Note that this release finally drops support for CentOS 5, and for libpcap 0.x with it.


  • Feature #805: Add support for applayer change
  • Feature #806: Implement STARTTLS support
  • Feature #1636: Signal rotation of unified2 log file without restart
  • Feature #1953: lua: expose flow_id
  • Feature #1969: TLS transactions with session resumption are not logged
  • Feature #1978: Using date in logs name
  • Feature #1998: eve.tls: custom TLS logging
  • Feature #2006: tls: decode certificate serial number
  • Feature #2011: eve.alert: print outside IP addresses on alerts on traffic inside tunnels
  • Feature #2046: Support custom file permissions per logger
  • Feature #2061: lua: get timestamps from flow
  • Feature #2077: Additional HTTP Header Contents and Negation
  • Feature #2129: nfs: parser, logger and detection
  • Feature #2130: dns: rust parser with stateless behaviour
  • Feature #2132: eve: flowbit and other vars logging
  • Feature #2133: unix socket: add/remove hostbits
  • Bug #1335: suricata option –pidfile overwrites any file
  • Bug #1470: make install-full can have race conditions on OSX.
  • Bug #1759: CentOS5 EOL tasks
  • Bug #2037: travis: move off legacy support
  • Bug #2039: suricata stops processing when http-log output via unix_stream backs up
  • Bug #2041: bad checksum 0xffff
  • Bug #2044: af-packet: faulty VLAN handling in tpacket-v3 mode
  • Bug #2045: geoip: compile warning on CentOS 7
  • Bug #2049: Empty rule files cause failure exit code without corresponding message
  • Bug #2051: ippair: xbit unset memory leak
  • Bug #2053: ippair: pair is direction sensitive
  • Bug #2070: file store: file log / file store mismatch with multiple files
  • Bug #2072: app-layer: fix memleak on bad traffic
  • Bug #2078: http body handling: failed assertion
  • Bug #2088: modbus: clang-4.0 compiler warnings
  • Bug #2093: Handle TCP stream gaps.
  • Bug #2097: “Name of device should not be null” appears in suricata.log when using pfring with configuration from suricata.yaml
  • Bug #2098: isdataat: fix parsing issue with leading spaces
  • Bug #2108: pfring: errors when compiled with asan/debug
  • Bug #2111: doc: links towards http_header_names
  • Bug #2112: doc: links towards certain http_ keywords not working
  • Bug #2113: Race condition starting Unix Server
  • Bug #2118: defrag – overlap issue in linux policy
  • Bug #2125: ASAN SEGV – Suricata version 4.0dev (rev 922a27e)
  • Optimization #521: Introduce per stream thread segment pool
  • Optimization #1873: Classtypes missing on decoder-events,files, and stream-events


Special thanks

Mats Klepsland – for his major contributions: many EVE and TLS features

Pierre Chifflier – for paving the way for the Rust experiment and being very helpful while learning Rust and Nom.

Additionally: Jérémy Beaume, Alexander Gozman, Paulo Pacheco, Ray Ruvinskiy, Peter Sanders, David Wharton, Jon Zeolla


  • User Training in Denver, Colorado. June 20 and 21: Hosted by ProtectWise.
  • Developer Training in Cork, Ireland. September 11 to 15: Hosted by FireEye.
  • User Training at SuriCon 2017, in Prague:

SuriCon 2017

Come meet the Suricata community and development team to discuss all things Suricata at the third edition of the annual Suricata Conference. SuriCon 2017 will be in November in Prague:

About Suricata

Suricata is a high performance Network Threat Detection, IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine. Open Source and owned by a community run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). Suricata is developed by the OISF, its supporting vendors and the community.

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