Suricata Hosting Two Training Sessions at SharkFest’20 US

Mark your calendars! This July, Suricata will be in Kansas City, MO at SharkFest’20 US, hosting two intense, 90 minute crash courses on intrusion analysis/threat hunting and signature development.

The first training, Practical Signature Development for Open Source IDS, focuses on expert methods and techniques for writing network signatures to efficiently hunt and detect the greatest and most common threats facing organizations today. In addition to Suricata, we’ll utilize leading open source security tools, specifically WireShark, to teach traffic analysis fundamentals, custom signature writing and how to test your signatures for accuracy and performance.

Suricata experts with real-world experience in customizing and tailoring the solution to identify and hunt threats will equip you with the ability to analyze and interpret hostile network traffic to create agile rules for detection and mitigation.

Attendees of the second session, Intrusion Analysis and Threat Hunting with Suricata, will learn how to dig deep into network traffic to uncover key evidence of a compromise has occurred, identify new forms of attack and develop the skills necessary to proactively search for Indicators of Compromise and evidence of new breaches. The course will also explore key phases of adversary tactics and techniques from delivery mechanisms to post-infection traffic and data exfiltration, offering a true hands-on analysis experience.

Join us at SharkFest’20 US and maximize your open-source capabilities with Suricata.

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