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Suricata is a high performance, open source network analysis and threat detection software used by most private and public organizations, and embedded by major vendors to protect their assets.

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Intrusion Analysis & Threat Hunting [SuriCon2024 PRE-CONFERENCE TRAINING]

Start your SuriCon week early! Join our trainers in person for this intrusion analysis & threat-hunting training course focused on Suricata 7 to improve your infosec and cybersec toolkit. Delivered […]

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Advanced Deployment & Configuration [SuriCon2024 PRE-CONFERENCE TRAINING]

Start your SuriCon week early! Join our trainers in person for this Advanced Deployment & Configuration training course focused on Suricata 7, and learn how to maximize the visibility that […]

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SuriCon2024 – Madrid, Spain

Don’t miss out SuriCon2024! SuriCon2024 will be Suricata’s 10th annual conference, this is your opportunity to meet the team in person, discuss and share all things Suricata! Register now and […]

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Brief History of Suricata

A timeline with key moments in the history of Suricata, from the first lines of code in 2009 to the Tenth SuriCon, in 2024.

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Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are known for their sentinel behavior, patiently and alertly standing watch over their class. Sentries who stand guard gain trust through their experience and reputation, not through their age or social rank.

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