What is the Suricata MOB League?

A collective from the global Suricata community, academic institutions, and industry partners focused on educational and academic outreach. We accomplish this by creating and fostering access to academic content, collaborative research, and community engagement.

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Our History

Formed in 2018, as we saw a growing number of cybersecurity courses, programs, and training diving deeper into the network layer and open source technologies, we want to ensure that both faculty and students have access to comprehensive and up-to-date content around Suricata. We began by creating content and conducting hands-on workshops for instructors to learn how best to include Suricata in the classroom.

Since then, we have expanded by sharing with academic institutions’ around the world resources, including slides, videos, exercises, and access to virtual machines. And as our community grows, we continue to seek and support collaborative research between us, students, academic institutions, and industry partnerships.

Why Join?

Suricata MOB League provides faculty and students support can vary, from guiding how best to utilize Suricata to helping form partnerships with industry partners. This work culminates in an opportunity to showcase faculty and student work at our annual user conference efforts during a poster session. We also offer a yearly training scholarship for students giving them free admission to two full days of hands-on training around Suricata and a ticket to SuriCon. This program covers the cost of training and access to the conference.

Interested in joining the MOB league? Contact us at mob@oisf.net

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