The development of Suricata is a combined effort of OISF employees and contractors, developers who work for 3rd party companies and individuals who help out in their free time.

Executive Team

Victor Julien

Kelley Misata

Peter Manev

Jason Ish


Philippe Antoine

Shivani Bhardwaj

Andreas Herz

Jeff Lucovsky

Corey Thomas

Juliana Fajardini

Lukas Sismis

Foundation Operations

Phil Schroeder

How We Work

Suricata global team

At OISF we work on Suricata as a virtual team. Currently our team resides across Europe, India, and the Americas, but we welcome new team members in other parts of the world as well. Operating as a virtual team means everyone works from home or their own office space, in their own timezone. We communicate mostly by chat, email and phone calls.

Each year we come together twice in person to work and reconnect.  First is our annual team meeting, a 3-day mandatory meeting where we get together to brainstorm, socializing, etc. The location of this meeting varies from year to year but is typically held in either Europe or North America. Second, the team meets a few days prior to SuriCon, our annual user conference – the location once again varies from year to year but is typically held the end of October or early November. In addition,  we also meet up at Suricata training events and conferences.

The development process itself revolves around our Redmine instance and Github, and it happens for the most part in the open. This means that team members submit pull requests to our Github repositories, others review it, etc. This makes the work on this project highly visible to the community and larger industry. We do this because we believe in open source, but also to invite the larger community to help and contribute at every stage of development.


A core aspect of our work is that we’re all part of, and interacting with, a growing and healthy open source community. This community consists of users of Suricata, from novice home users to expert corporate and government users, developers of Suricata, traffic and malware researchers, intel developers, and third-party tooling developers. The OISF team members are essential to the success of this community helping to foster new people to join, monitoring the health of the community, and raising issues if they arise.

Common Opportunities

  • Speak at conferences as a representative of OISF and Suricata
  • Get involved in hands-on development as a trainer

Common Criteria

  • Decent English, both written and spoken
  • Able & willing to travel twice a year for the team meeting and SuriCon (normally in the EU/USA)