Juliana Fajardini

Juliana graduated in 2014 in Information Systems and has a diverse background in technology and entrepreneurship. Her experience includes working with Robot Soccer in Mixed Reality environments, Customer Development, mentoring […]

Jeff Lucovsky

Jeff is a software developer with a strong interest in system level programming and network security. He’s new to the open source community and looks forward to applying his experience […]

Andreas Herz

Andreas is a software developer with a focus on open source and security-related projects. He has been working in the open-source community for over fifteen years and specialized in Networking, […]

Shivani Bhardwaj

Shivani graduated in 2016 and started her career with Python development. She was an intern with the Netfilter project and also a recipient of a scholarship from The Linux Foundation. […]

Philippe Antoine

Philippe is the CEO and founder of Catena cyber. He aims to improve the cyberdefense level by freely developing tools for cybersecurity experts. He got his experience in cybersecurity and […]