First Suricata Code

Victor Julien & Matt Jonkman began coding in 2007, & they partnered with William Metcalf shortly thereafter. In early 2008, Victor, Matt, & William met to present the prototype code for the first time altogether.

OISF Founded & Suricata 1.0 Released

The first public beta release took place on New Year’s Eve 2009. Traction was immediate, & the Open Information Security Foundation was launched after Matt secured funding from DHS throughout the course of 2010.

First Public, In-person Suricata Training

This took place at Hack.lu in Luxembourg to a packed room of 25 people.

First SuriCon

Training, talks, networking, & community abound! We hosted 100 attendees, 50 organizations, & 10 talks over 2 days for our very first SuriCon. The open-source community connected in-person and accomplished goals to share & expand knowledge of Suricata alongside like-minded individuals.

SuriCon – Washington, DC

Developers, users, & business leaders from around the world gathered for the first SuriCon in North America. We hosted 140 attendees, 65 organizations, & 24 talks over 2.5 days.

SuriCon – Prague

Another sold out year! OISF hosted 176 attendees, 60 organizations, & over 17 talks over 3 days.

OISF Team Grows

The internal team has more than doubled from its humble beginnings.

SuriCon – Vancouver, BC

Celebrating 10 years of Suricata, OISF hosted 160 attendees- including 60 organizations from 16 countries. With over 15 talks across a full week, we introduced poster sessions for our community members to share their research findings with other attendees & sponsors.

SuriCon – Amsterdam

OISF hosted 210 attendees- including 50+ organizations from 24 countries- with over 22 talks presented by knowledgeable speakers. Suricata Support Services & on-site Capture the Flag came to fruition this year allowing socializing & networking to soar.

First Virtual Community Event

Hundreds of community members gathered virtually with the OISF team for our first online community event. Knowledge, developments, & progress regarding Suricata & other open-source platforms were shared & encouraged despite the trying times.

Suricata 6.0 Released

Suricata 6.0.2 and 5.0.6 are released to the community, containing some important performance and stability fixes.

Quadrupled the OISF team from original starting point

Growth & expansion among the organization continues! Our internal team is now 14 strong.