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07/27/2023 – Using jq for Suricata Log Parsing with Corey Thomas

06/20/2023 – Adding new rule keywords to Suricata: Live coding session with Philippe Antoine

04/20/2023 – Suricata and DPDK: Everything You Need to Know with Lukáš Šišmiš

03/23/2023 – Tackling Frame Challenges and Boosting Code Coverage for New Suricata Devs with Haleema Khan

Hands-on Session: Matching Millions of IOCs with Datasets

Hands-On Session: Get to Know Suricata Language Server with Eric Leblond

07/15/2021 – Peeling Back the Layers of Suricata Metadata with Doug Burks

05/20/2021 – Exploring Indexed Packet Capture with Arkime (Moloch) and Suricata

04/23/2021 – An Introduction to Writing Suricata Rules with Tatyana Shishkova

03/19/2021: Threat Hunting with Suricata

02/27/2021: A Beginner’s Guide to Adding New Features to Suricata

01/21/2021: Continuously Fuzzing and Improving Suricata

12/10/2020: Suricata and Splunk: Tap into the Power of Suricata with the new Splunk App

10/15/2020: OPNsense and Suricata, a great combination!

09/29/2020: Releasing Suricata 6.0 RC1 and How You Can Get Involved

06/10/2020: Correlating Host & Network Data with Community ID in Sec Onion Hybrid Hunter

Presentation slides (PDF) – Download Here

05/07/2020: Hunting Threats That Use Encrypted Network Traffic

Presentation slides (PDF) – Download Here

04/02/2020: Installing and Configuring Suricata with Cuckoo Sandbox

Webinar notes (PDF) – Download Here