OISF Welcomes Tilera as a Gold Level Consortium Member

We are very pleased to welcome Tilera Corporation as a Gold level Consortium member of the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF)! Through this membership, Tilera will continue to focus on achieving unparalleled Suricata performance on the TILE-Gx processor family. The TILE-Gx processor family delivers industry leading performance and power efficiency (performance/watt), while providing ease-of-use with standard Linux programming.

As the leader in 64-bit manycore general purpose processors, the company is already hard at work contributing to the Consortium and has delivered the highest performance, highest density Suricata solution in the market – seeing about 40 Gbps throughput in a 1U platform. The Suricata implementation on TILE-Gx processors supports all the features of Suricata including both the IDS and IPS modes of operation.

“Tilera’s involvement with the OISF and Suricata is significant validation of Suricata as an Engine, and threading as the way forward for the industry as a whole,” said Matt Jonkman, president, OISF. “The performance benefits that Tilera has already demonstrated with Suricata and the TILE-GX processor family is thoroughly impressive and is just a taste of what is to come.”

The industry-leading performance was achieved on Tilera’s TILExtreme-Gx high density platform that packs 144 cores with four TILE-Gx36 processors in a compact 1U rack mountable device. The standard TILExtreme-Gx platform provides up to 160Gbps of Ethernet I/O and is ideal for a variety of compute and I/O intensive tasks such as Network Security (IDS/IPS, DPI, DLP), Network Monitoring, Data Forensics and Big Data processing. It is actively being deployed by several Tilera customers. Additionally, based on the performance and I/O requirements, Tilera customers have the ability to scale up or down by choosing from range of platforms ranging from half-length PCIe cards to the high density 1U chassis.

Tilera will unveil a new platform that doubles the capacity in the first quarter of 2013. Support for the TILE-Gx will also be added for the open source version of Suricata.

There will be much more exciting news to come from Tilera and the OISF in 2013. If you want to learn more about Tilera and its solutions, contact  Satish Ganesan, Director of Marketing, Networking Solutions, for Tilera. In the meantime, stay tuned to this space for the latest updates!

The Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) is a non-profit foundation organized to build a next generation IDS/IPS engine Suricata.  The OISF has formed a multi-national group of the leading software developers in the security industry.  In addition to developers and a consortium consisting of leading cyber security companies, OISF has engaged the open source security community to identify current and future IDS/IPS needs and desires.