Roadmap Development Session at SuriCon

One of the most exciting things of last year’s Suricata User Conference in Barcelona was the road map discussion. For those who weren’t there, this is how it worked: the dev team sat on the stage and explained some of the ideas for next steps in Suricata development. There was a lively discussion between the team and the crowd. Many ideas were thrown in (and out as well). At the end of the session we had a list of wishes and ideas. The dev team did a guestimate of effort on each. Then together we all discussed priorities.


Last year’s list included the following ‘top priority’ ideas:

  • flow bypass: almost done
  • failing better: in progress
  • hyperscan integration: mostly done
  • performance recommendation: needs work
  • default config improvements: mostly done
  • dynamic stream depth: almost done

The result of last year was also NOT doing some work. The group didn’t care much about a binary output for EVE (e.g. bson or similar), so we
avoided spending time on that.

In our survey of the Barcelona conference, we learned that some ppl found this session extremely valuable, but other ppl much less so. For
this reason we’re doing the session on the 3rd & last day of our conference now. If people don’t care much they can skip it and head home

I’m looking very much forward to doing another session like this in DC, so please consider joining us at SuriCon! The session at SuriCon 2.0 will be quite a bit longer too, so we should be able to cover more topics and more ideas. So please join us!

Oh and do bring your wish list!

Register at SuriCon here.