Announcing Suricata-Update

We are excited to announce the first alpha release of our new tool for updating Suricata rules. This is a new rule update tool specifically built for Suricata with a goal of being useful out of the box, even with no configuration.

This release also introduces the Suricata Intel Index, which is currently a list of available rule sources which Suricata-Update is aware of. The idea here is to make it easier for users to find available rule sets, as well as allowing rule writers to make their rules more discoverable.

Features include:

  • Default to Emerging Threats Open ruleset if no configuration provided.
  • Automatic discovery of Suricata version for use in ruleset URLs.
  • Flowbit resolution
  • Enable, disable, drop and modify filters that should be familiar to users of Pulled Pork and Oinkmaster.
  • Easy enabling of additional rule sets from the index.

We invite all interested users to checkout the Quick Start documentation, and leave us feedback on the Suricata-Update issue tracker.

If you are a rule writer and would like to get listed in the index, pleaseĀ  leave a ticket in the issue tracker.

Github Project Page

Issue Tracker