Announcing the Suricata Community Council

One of the most valuable moments in the Suricata development process is the annual SuriCon brainstorm. This interaction between the team and community gives the development team a lot of input for the next year.

We hope to create similar conditions more frequently. Therefore, we would like to introduce the new Suricata Community Council – an open and two-way communication channel between the Suricata community and the development team.

The council members will:

  • Provide technical advice and feedback to the development team for major releases;
  • Report on the general state of the Suricata community;
  • Participate in quarterly calls;
  • Join us at SuriCon annually.

We will have quarterly calls as well as convene in-person at SuriCon. To avoid scaling issues, we’re limiting the group’s size and have invited some contributors and other community members to join. Also, the companies at the Platinum and Gold levels of the OISF consortium will each get a representative in the council as well.

As the council comes together we will be updating the Suricata website with bios and more information. In addition, the council will post meeting minutes and updates on and the oisf mailing lists.

For questions about this exciting new community council or becoming a member of the OISF consortium, please contact us at