Suricata 4.1.2 released

Much sooner than planned we are releasing 4.1.2. The 4.1.1 process didn’t go as planned. First the tarball was missing the vendored Rust crates. Then we found that Suricata-Update didn’t properly function on CentOS 7, Ubunut 14.04 and other slightly older distros. Then last minute we found yet another Suricata-Update bug.

So despite it being so close to the holidays for many, we decided to push 4.1.2 out already. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

Other than the issues mention above, we did also fix some additional issues. SMB logging accuracy was improved, DNS detection and logging accuracy was improved and some documentation updates are included as well.

After the holidays are over we’re going to review our QA for both Suricata and Suricata-Update, so we can avoid issue like this in the future.


  • Feature #1863: smtp: improve pipelining support
  • Feature #2748: bundle libhtp 0.5.29
  • Feature #2749: bundle suricata-update 1.0.3
  • Bug #2682: python-yaml Not Listed As Ubuntu Prerequisite
  • Bug #2736: DNS Golden Transaction ID – detection bypass
  • Bug #2745: Invalid detect-engine config could lead to segfault
  • Bug #2752: smb: logs for IOCTL and DCERPC have tree_id value of 0

Special thanks

Philippe Antoine, Alexey Vishnyakov