Webinar – Exploring Indexed Packet Capture with Arkime (Moloch) and Suricata

Finding undetected threats in your network through proactive network analysis requires the right tools. Join us as Andy Wick, lead developer and creator of Arkime (formerly Moloch) and Elyse Rinne, Arkime software engineer and UI expert, will provide an introduction to this robust large scale, open source, indexed packet capture and search tool. Arkime can also enrich session data with Suricata alerts, and we’ll explore how this integration works.

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About Our Speakers

Andy Wick is a Distinguished Architect and the creator of Moloch now named Arkime and former Chief Architect of AIM. He joined Verizon Media’s security team, the Paranoids, in 2011. He has a passion for building large scalable tools and empowering users, as well as, the global open source community.

Elyse Rinne is the UI and full stack engineer for Arkime (formerly Moloch). She revamped the UI to be more user-friendly and maintainable. Now that the revamp has been completed, Elyse is working on implementing awesome new features to make Arkime the go-to open source tool for network security professionals!