A picture with part of the Suricata mob posing during SuriCon Amsterdam. From left to right, on stagemany of them wearing SuriCon or Suricata t-shirts.

Remember Past SuriCons With Us

The year 2024 marks Suricata’s 10th SuriCon! While November doesn’t arrive, let’s look back at SuriCon’s origins and history, and revisit some key moments and talks from previous years.

Our first SuriCon happened in 2015, in Barcelona, Spain. A realization by our President and Executive Director, Kelley Misata, PhD, who saw how important it would be to bring together all Suricata fans, integrators, and users to discuss, share innovations, and help build our project’s roadmap. Our community conference, when the team and contributors could all be together, sharing our enthusiasm for Suricata and Information Security technologies. In the two-day event, we had over 100 attendees. Some topics from the more than 10 talks were SELKS; how Mozilla was using Suricata; and software-based acceleration.

A close-up picture of SuriCon 2015 t-shirt's back: It's black, with the old OISF logo in white, and the sentence "Suricata User Conference"' in yellow.
Peter Manev starting his presentation in SuriCon 2025 - Let's talk about SELKS. The Slide has the same title, and shows the ACRONYM's SELKS meaning: Suricata IDPS; ElasticSearch; Logstash; Kibana; Scirius
Let’s talk about SELKS!
Conference room and attendees in Washington, DC, 2016

Warmed by this first year, SuriCons became part of OISF. The next editions were:

Distributing Security Content to Detect Threats Across Past, Present and Future — by Sascha Steinbiss & Matthias Vallentin
Adding a New Protocol to Suricata: Live! — by Juliana Fajardini Reichow

This brings us to 2024, and why it’s so special to us. With all different formats and places, in one way or another, we always find time for the Suricata team to be together with our community. And this is our 10th community conference – A big achievement!

OISF may be a small team, but Suricata has a great expanded universe, and without our passionate users, contributors, integrators, and our Consortium members and sponsors, not only none of this would be possible – it would not make sense either, nor would Suricata be where it is.

Some of the Women of Suricata. Athens, SuriCon 2022
Suricata team and some of our users, 2019, SuriCon Amsterdam.

We always say that we learn from the community – you bring the use cases, you share your threat analysis and rule writers’ expertise, you share your views: and we discuss and implement together. And the SuriCon talks and brainstorming sessions are a big part of this. As we approach the last weeks of our open Call for Talks for SuriCon 2024, we invite you to be inspired by how some of the past presentations and suggestions by contributors helped shape Suricata’s roadmap and core functionalities and share your innovative ideas with us in Madrid!